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Company Filishin was founded in 2005, entrepreneur Hakobyan Suren. The organization is engaged in capital construction and embodiment planning, repair works, and the interior apartments. Company has founded big manufacturing base in the city Dilijan, which included the production of concrete, broken down and washing line of rubble and sand. Industrial base has a laboratory, which provides high-quality concrete by international standards. The company is one  in the field, which produces light and heavy concrete, which in turn is accompanied by a favorable and high quality construction in the region.


Filishin parallel with the manufacturing and construction in the region engaged in the design and construction of new buildings and institutions in Yerevan. Today Filishin is rapidly growing company, which in his arsenal has built many luxury buildings, which are useful for entrepreneurs and people who get the aesthetic pleasure.


The companys activity is very high, from repairs of individual houses to large multi-storey building houses. All of these different projects are united by one, stiffness of professional staff and creative approach to every issue. Each project experienced professionals work in detail and thoroughly. For each client company comes with respect and with different issues. For design and construction company uses modern equipment and each year increases the amount of equipment. The company is equipped with a completely new construction technique.